Barin Stories

The Second Front

16 Jun 2021 · 339 words

Maquiate Todofuken Administration Centre
1 Todofuken Road
Maquiate, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn

Growing Pains

25 May 2021 · 320 words

Renge Academy
No address
Biyori, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


24 May 2021 · 582 words

The Sinamaria Rose
12 Dedication Road
Emina, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


21 May 2021 · 713 words

"On the red side we have your ten-year undefeated champion, Ping Pong! And her challenger, Markus Tennis! Will this be the year that the Crowne Cup finally switches hands?"

The stadium roars as Ping Pong strides over the carpet onto the battlefield. Her stance is ready, eyes drilled into her opponent who merely stares blankly at her. "Let's have a good fight."

A Letter from Weilam to Ciers

20 Aug 2020 · 117 words

Saiyu Sphere
1 Indigo Boulevard
Saiyu, Weilam

Mrs. Rio Nohigi
Prime Minister
1 Apelio Avenue


22 Jul 2020 · 345 words

"…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of Weilam."

"…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of Weilam," I repeated.

"Congratulations, Mr. President," said the Chief Justice. I nodded, raising my hand above my head to take the taller man's hand. As we were released from the handshake, I took my other hand and waved at the crowd, who burst into cheers.

Father and Daughter

02 Jul 2020 · 340 words

Trumpets blare around the royal procession as Princess Dazel bows down in front of her father.

"My daughter, what news have you brought for us today?" King Rambel Bheosetrawpe Mydrule leers imposingly in his startling green robes, staring down at the princess.


01 Jul 2020 · 175 words

A huge uproar erupts from the crowds of Saiyu as the results of the 2020 Weilamese election are revealed to the world.


30 Jun 2020 · 328 words

Welcome to Herdit's Social Education Course! As the successful completion of this course is compulsory for acquiring citizenship in Herdit, we hope you learn from your experience in this program.


29 Jun 2020 · 219 words

Laveli Guild Headquarters
Laveli Town, Eos

Emp. Hina Asvyn
Empress Regnant
Asvish Empire
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


25 Jun 2020 · 227 words

It is — unethical and deeply immoral to block our people from knowledge. Is Leeco not a free tribe? Do we not accept those in pursuit of information? We cannot block our citizens from learning more about the universe to further the human race. Our tribe was founded on the principle of helping each other learn and grow by education. We cannot learn if we never challenge our beliefs, no matter how deep their roots lie — you might remember how ingrained racism was in Leeco so many decades back — and we cannot grow as a society if we resist change! If we do not rapidly adapt to the world, the world will rapidly adapt around us. And that is unacceptable.

How the Moyen Channel was Formed

23 Jun 2020 · 273 words

"Good morning, citizens of Ptuyo!"

My phone's screen flickers once as the video I'm watching is replaced by the face of a young man with glasses, luxurious golden locks, and an exquisite moustache: Riley, Director of Public Affairs in our tribe. "I do hope you're all having a great day so far," he says excitedly, "but I'm afraid I must interrupt you for an important message from our Supreme Leader, Sebastian."


22 Jun 2020 · 151 words

Imperial Palace
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn

A Normal Morning in Xunil

20 Jun 2020 · 478 words

Light from the morning sun gently shone across my face as my curtains automatically opened to the start of the day. A steady beeping infiltrated my ears, rousing me from my sleep.

“Good morning, Alston. It is seven in the morning.”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up, stretching to get the sleep out of my muscles. “Good morning to you too, Bixby. What do I have on my schedule today?”


19 Jun 2020 · 559 words

Test 19/20 failed: Memory access violation.

I let out a loud exhale as my fingers twitched in front of the keyboard. Someone else walked by.

The Leeway of Leeco

14 Jun 2020 · 424 words

I confidently strode up to my teacher, a fistful of papers in my left hand. Mrs. Lowshi smiled as I approached. “Good morning, Bobby. Are you here to hand in yesterday’s homework?”


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