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The Sinamaria Rose
12 Dedication Road
Emina, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


It has been observed that some regions in the state have been discouraged by the pace of the withdrawal from the Enigma Alliance. There is a threat that is provoking citizens and sparking unrest in areas of greatest tension, pressuring them to conduct trade with Preton in breach of Section 1 of the Saiyu Agreement, which remains in force until withdrawal negotiations are concluded and signed. The group calls themselves "Favonius". A status report of the group's activities and their impacts on each region are listed below.

  • Emina: The capital city remains fully under control of the Empire. Citizens living in Emina are generally strongly opposed to the activities of this new group. No action is recommended for this region.
  • Kolalta: Much like Emina, Kolalta is under little danger as the region detests the Preton Alliance. No action is recommended for this region.
  • Pleiades: The Principal for Intelligence has determined that the origins of Favonius originate in Pleiades. The state of affairs in this region is more normal than many of the other regions that they have spread to.
  • Shiganshina: The peasant majority in Shiganshina have been easily convinced by Favonius and are currently refusing to follow orders from the Empire. It is advised that the military be applied to reassert control over the region.
  • Kanokari: Favonius has gained full control over the local government in Kanokari. All demands and ultimata have been ignored. It is advised that the military be applied to reassert control over the region.
  • Keion: For whatever reason, Favonius has not advanced in this region at all, and Keion has not acknowledged Favonius, either. It is advised that surveillance be increased in this region to determine the cause behind the anomalous behaviour.
  • Shuchiin: The semi-autonomous region believes that allying with Favonius and conducting trade with Preton will further line their pockets. Favonius supporters have secured the majority of the seats in the legislative council and they are unreceptive to our demands. It is advised that the military be applied to reassert control over the region.
  • Romcom: Romcom has fallen completely to Favonius and they are currently waging war against the neighbouring regions of Ruvinheigen, Tonikawa, and Musani in an effort to bring them under control. It is advised that reinforcements be sent to those regions to prevent the fall of more regions to Favonius.
  • Musani: Musani is currently completely stable even against the Romconian attack. Resistance against Favonius is very strong in all levels of authority. No action is recommended for this region.
  • Tonikawa: Nearly half of Tonikawa has been captured by Romcom and the situation is critical. It is strongly advised that the military be more heavily applied to this region.
  • Ruvinheigen: This semi-autonomous region is currently stable but there are rumours behind the scenes about a possible Favonius uprising. It is recommended that surveillance be sharply increased in this region to monitor the situation as it changes.
  • Aineiru: Favonius has just started taking root in this region and it is causing a small but growing impact on government control. It is advised that specialised agents be used to eliminate problematic persons to prevent further growth of confusion.

The situation is quite dire in many regions of the Empire, Empress, and I hope that you will allocate us the troops we need to shut down this attack on our state.

Kuvira Smith
Principal for Homeland Security
24 May 2021


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