The Second Front

16 Jun 2021 · 339 words

Maquiate Todofuken Administration Centre
1 Todofuken Road
Maquiate, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


I am pleased to report that the negotiations with the recently Enigma-seceded region of Maquiate have concluded very much in the favour of the Empire. The region has pledged allegiance to Emina and are currently assisting in driving out rebellious forces with their sizable military. It is predicted that the Empire will be unified within several days with the reinforcements from Maquiate.

Additionally, the Favonius organisation has put forth a proposal: they are willing to cease all activities in the Empire should we offer them a free trade agreement. The Principal of Intelligence notes that the organisation has heavy ties to the Preton Alliance, which could potentially open up the Empire up to exploitation in the future. It is advised that the current campaign remain unchanged to remove the threat of Favonius by force, as there is no advantage to diplomacy in the current situation.

The regions of Aineiru, Shiganshina, Kanokari, and Shuchiin have been secured with minimal losses. Pleiades has pledged full support to the Empire as well and has ejected its Favonius members. At this point in time, most of our efforts are targeting the remaining Romcom and Tonikawa. It is advised that Romcom focused on due to its dominance over Tonikawa. Should Romcom fall, Tonikawa will fall as well.

The Imperial Proclamation with reference to the Enigma withdrawal has resulted in reduced morale across Empire-supporting territories, many of whom had withdrawn from the Enigma Alliance after the Empire was the first to do so. If I may, I must comment that this is a peculiar action to take — after years of negotiations and stalls, the Empire rejoins the Enigma Alliance. It has not quite caused upheaval throughout the Empire yet, but there are already troubling signs during these unstable times.

It is therefore my recommendation that efforts be focused on strengthening the Interior before managing External affairs.

Kuvira Smith
Principal of the Interior
14 June 2021


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