23 May 2021 · 318 words

Long ago, the gods wiped themselves out in a magical war of epic proportions, leaving the world in ruins. The remnants of the forces escaped to the stars and skies above, but the carnage had lasting effects on Earth. The age of the gods was over.

Many millennia later, the very first animals appeared, along with humans. They built a civilisation with elemental skills granted to them by the latent energies in the ground but attributed to gods in the sky. Some were able to control the flow of the rivers. Some were able to breathe life into flames. Others still had the ability to raise the earth. Yet most were powerless against the beast animals that attacked the people.

Animals were not the only threat to society. The powers used to construct could also be used to destroy. One being was known to cause much strife to those who lived in the cities. Said to be a powerful figure corrupted by power, all conflicts between the people paled in comparison to this figure. Against the Demon Lord, even the most stubborn of enemies would band together to fight a new common enemy.

It would never succeed, until...

At last, a white-haired boy ended it all. The chosen one himself, he did so with nothing but a ragtag band of elementals and friendship and determination. He discovered the secrets of the world and the true story behind the gods that were worshipped around the continent.

He kept moving forward, forging his own path against the trials and tribulation set against him.

He came to trust his friends , protecting and letting them protect them in the face of unimaginable danger.

He learned much on his journey, growing into a strong and compassionate man.

He and I...

The domain of the gods is ever so lonely.

This Unstagnation short was heavily influenced by one of the works of Nettlespike.


Ⓒ 2022 Daniel Chen

Licensed under the AGPL-3.0 on GitHub and Gitea