Growing Pains

25 May 2021 · 320 words

Renge Academy
No address
Biyori, Asvyn

Hina Asvyn
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn


With all due respect, as one of Your Majesty's principal advisors, the mass annexation of Enigmatic territories is not only in grave violation of Section 2 of the Enigma Agreement, but has also led to Empire forces being stretched far too thin across the nation. The Principal of Intelligence informs me that they are unable to conduct adequate surveillance to prevent uprising. Combined with the Favonius resistance and ongoing struggle against Asvish control from the previously Enigmatic territories, I urge you to reconsider the attack on further Enigmatic territories lest they fully commit to war — a war we will be unable to defend against.

I send this letter to you from the Renge Academy in Biyori, one of the few newest regions taken from the Enigma Alliance. Empire officials are few and far between, and it is only because of the lethargic nature of the citizens here that this region is currently stable.

To quell the rebellion and restore order to the Empire, I would like to put forth my agreement for the suggestion of the Principal of Continental Security to accept aid offered by the Farelean nation of Ciers. No matter how it might appear on the world stage, Empress, the domestic situation is truly dire and the Empire is at serious risk of becoming fractured. Although not my place to say, I would place under consideration that building a positive relationship with other nations would be beneficial to Asvyn's continued survival after the impending withdrawal from the Enigma Alliance.

I shall be visiting and examining the statuses of the far more conflicted regions of Sayoasa, Yuru, and Aineiru in the upcoming weeks. In order to make a proper assessment, I request for a small dispatch of bodyguards in the event of chaos.

Kuvira Smith
Principal for Homeland Security
25 May 2021


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