A Favour

20 Jun 2021 · 318 words



Oh, Blue! I almost didn't recognise your voice; it's been forever since we chatted! How've you been doing?

Yeah, I know you have work and all, but…it's been, what, a year since we last played League together and it'd be great to get together again — remember that time when you were killed by a minion at bottom —

You don't play anymore? That's…a shame. Right, work and everything. So, uh, what'd you want to talk about?

A favour? Sure! What is it?

Uh…I think that's fine, but how much?

A hundred thousand — damn, did you buy a house or something?

Come to think of it, your voice is kinda raspy, and you're coughing a lot too. Are you all right? Should I come over?

A small fever, eh? Oh well. If you insist... I'll send the money over to your bank account, don't spend it on drugs, hehe.

Hm? Why not? Direct deposit's really safe now, you know. Why would you want it —

Right. Sorry. Sure, I'll come by and drop it outside your door, your address is still the same, right?

Ah, let's see... 135 Redwood Drive, is that right? You know, are you sure you're all right? I think I hear something smashing in the background...

Oh, yeah. Ugh, Fortnite. Right, I'll get the cash ready... I still don't know about dropping it off in an envelope; what if someone steals it? When would be a good time for you to pick it up? I'll swing by around that time if I can make it...

As soon as possible? Of course, Blue, my boyfriend's going to do groceries today; I'll send him your way at, three o'clock? Sounds good?

No problem! Friends gotta help each other out, right? I still wish we could play some League together, though...

Yeah, yeah, lots of work and everything. Well, you take care, Blue!


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