A Favour II

27 Jul 2021 · 401 words


Yellow! Are you there?

Sorry, it's not about League today, haha. I was just talking to Blue the other day.

Listen, I think something's up with him. His voice was weird and raspy and there was clearly glass breaking in the background. He said it was Fortnite? I remember you were his best friend in university; do you know why he'd suddenly need a lot of money, by any chance? I know he wouldn't do anything like…that, but…

Oh! That's good to hear. When my boyfriend dropped off the money he wanted, he mentioned that the place felt super shady, so I thought maybe…

I'm just worried about him, that's all.

Ha — you too? Of course, I'd do anything for you guys. What is it?

No, I can't play League today, I've told you I have a job! We already play with Green and the others every Saturday anyway…

Huh. That's odd. Uh…Blue actually asked for that much yesterday.

Ah, that makes sense! Y'know, for a moment there I almost thought… Sorry for doubting you, yeah of course I'll help! Homes are getting really expensive, I've heard.

Congratulations, by the way! What's the address of your new house? Wanna invite Blue and Green and the others for a housewarming party when you move in?

So true! When I moved into my first house, it was like a dream come true. So many rooms. And the kitchen… it was ten times better than the dingy one at our dorm… it has an island in the middle!

…An island in the middle!

Right, right, sorry. Yes. Direct deposit, I take it?

Jesus, do you still have your flip phone too? And a laptop as thick as our textbooks? It's time to join the civilised world, man! Get with the times! Even Purple is less boomer than you, and she was ten times the nerd you were in uni.

Yadda yadda yadda, direct deposit is totally safe now, no one's going to be spying on you or anything…except for the banks, heh.

All right, fine. Old-fashioned cash it is. It'll take me some time to clear it with my bank, so I think I can get it to you…on Friday? And you still live with your parents?

Gotcha. Dude, you're way too addicted to League.

Shit. Sorry, my boss is calling me. Should I call you back?

See ya!


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