29 Jul 2020 · 156 words

I poked at the green slush dripping down the table with a metal rod. "What…is this? It looks pretty tasty."

Dr. Brown grinned maniacally. "Why, it's my patented magic alien slush, of course! What else could it be?"

The metal rod was instantly flung into the nearest hazardous waste disposal unit. "Huh. I thought it was a lime-flavoured snow cone. It looks pretty good, you know…"

The doctor waved a finger at me, shaking his head. "The mystic slush is not for human consumption, my good man. It is the key to solving all the world's problems! It contains power you would not believe! We shall conquer the world with the slush—well, maybe not conquer, but we will save it, my friend!"

I looked oddly at him. "All I hear are buzzwords. What does it actually do?"

Dr. Brown cleared his throat, gesturing majestically. "My slush will rule the planet—with its amazing power—the power of placebo!"


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