30 Jun 2020 · 328 words

Welcome to Herdit's Social Education Course! As the successful completion of this course is compulsory for acquiring citizenship in Herdit, we hope you learn from your experience in this program.

When you are admitted into Herdit, you will receive your very own hPhone, provided free-of-charge from the government! This phone comes with unlimited access to the internet as well as 500 gigabytes of storage for all your personal data. Herdit will use your hPhone to collect data for the sole purpose of adjusting your karmic score, colloquially known by the population as "karma". We use end-to-end encryption to keep all your data safe and secure on our servers.

In addition to your hPhone, your karmic score can also be modified from interactions in public spaces via security footage and others' hPhones, too! When you interact with others, your topic of discussion, mood, tone, and speaking style all are put through sophisticated technologies to ensure that your karmic score is as accurate as possible.

Your karmic score is very important to your life in Herdit. It is visible to every citizen in the tribe, and higher scores indicate that you are a better person in society! Herdit encourages competition for the highest possible karmic score, so engage in meaningful and factual discussion, work hard, and aim to help others raise their karmic scores, too! When you have a high karmic score, you are eligible for discounts, early access to public services, and other rewards!

Unfortunately, lower karmic scores may pose risks to a happy life in Herdit. Scores may be lowered as a result of an impolite demeanor, a lack of contribution to society, and the discussion of improper topics. If your score is too low, you may be required to head to the nearest Re-Education Centre so we can help you raise it back up to an acceptable level.

Thank you for considering Herdit citizenship, and we hope you strive to become the best person you can be!


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