How the Moyen Channel was Formed

23 Jun 2020 · 273 words

"Good morning, citizens of Ptuyo!"

My phone's screen flickers once as the video I'm watching is replaced by the face of a young man with glasses, luxurious golden locks, and an exquisite moustache: Riley, Director of Public Affairs in our tribe. "I do hope you're all having a great day so far," he says excitedly, "but I'm afraid I must interrupt you for an important message from our Supreme Leader, Sebastian."

Riley's face vanishes from my phone, and I take a moment to look around at everyone else. They're attached to their phones, too. Sebastian's stubbled face appears on all our displays. His grin is enthusiastic, and he spreads his hands at the camera before speaking.

"Thank you, Riley! I know you're all doing really important things, but I'm afraid that I've got really important news! Right after this message from our Director of Defense, it's the one and only…Crow!"

The image on the screen flashes one more time to show someone who looks somewhat to a younger, malnourished Riley. Crow has glasses, but unlike Riley, he's distinctly more…frail. His black hair is disheveled, but I know that his endless patience and big brain makes him invaluable to our tribe.

"Yes! Guys, do you know what we just did? Do you know we just did?" Crow is sitting in his office, wearing a simple maroon t-shirt. His smile is infectious, and I'm all ears, ready to hear what is about to come next. Any de-escalation of the rising tensions between Preton and Farele would be sorely welcome, as I wouldn't want to fight—

"We broke the world — with just a single bomb!"


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