A Letter from Weilam to Ciers

20 Aug 2020 · 117 words

Saiyu Sphere
1 Indigo Boulevard
Saiyu, Weilam

Mrs. Rio Nohigi
Prime Minister
1 Apelio Avenue

This letter is to inform you that Eos will not be able to hold this year's Continental Summit. The explosion detonated by Ptuyo has crippled large parts of the tribe, and I am deeply sorry to determine that this makes Eos unsafe for a gathering of world leaders. As per section 6 of the Saiyu Peace Agreement, responsibility for the organisation of the Summit will be transferred to Ciers.

This letter was sent on behalf of Eos by accelerated approval from the Ean High Representative of the Enigmatic Council.

Best regards,
Brendan May
Chairman of the Enigma Alliance
20 August 2020


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