25 Jun 2020 · 227 words

It is — unethical and deeply immoral to block our people from knowledge. Is Leeco not a free tribe? Do we not accept those in pursuit of information? We cannot block our citizens from learning more about the universe to further the human race. Our tribe was founded on the principle of helping each other learn and grow by education. We cannot learn if we never challenge our beliefs, no matter how deep their roots lie — you might remember how ingrained racism was in Leeco so many decades back — and we cannot grow as a society if we resist change! If we do not rapidly adapt to the world, the world will rapidly adapt around us. And that is unacceptable.

In order to face the changing world, we must cease our aimless — no, destructive actions of what can only be described as censorship — and allow Leecans to learn and share their knowledge of any topic they wish to! It is not the duty of that government to restrict what art or science one learns. It is not the responsibility of the government to hold still our way of life. The people influence the government, certainly not the other way around. To claim so is to be utterly incorrect in a free and just tribe.

—George Anstion, assassinated five days before the Koran Revolution.


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