Father and Daughter

02 Jul 2020 · 340 words

Trumpets blare around the royal procession as Princess Dazel bows down in front of her father.

"My daughter, what news have you brought for us today?" King Rambel Bheosetrawpe Mydrule leers imposingly in his startling green robes, staring down at the princess.

"Father, I have returned from the Waterfall of Fate, but…" Dazel lowers her head further, "I could not awaken my power."

The king lets out a long sigh, mouth set in a firm line, then places his hand on his daughter's shoulder, beckoning for her to stand up. "Rise, Dazel. We shall discuss this matter further in a more…secluded area."

Dazel somewhat fearfully stands, but she follows her father behind the throne, away from any prying eyes. King Rambel pushes the heavy wooden doors together behind her. Once he verifies that there is no one else to overhear their discussion, he kneels, placing a hand on Dazel's shoulder once again. He opens his mouth to speak, but the princess starts speaking rapidly before words can form.

"I'm sorry, father, but I can't do this! I've spent my whole childhood praying and praying! Please, please let me do the things I love! I can't do this anymore—"

Rambel raises a hand for silence. "Dazel, I understand—"

"No, you don't!"

"Do not interrupt me. As I was saying, I understand your situation. And you are correct. I have been far too harsh on you ever since your mother passed away. I have pushed you to awaken your gift. But I now see the error of my ways." He stands, looking directly into her tearful eyes. "You may go. Live your life, and may it be happier than what I have put you through."

The princess looks skeptical, but also hopeful. "Do you mean that, father?"

The king belts out a hearty laugh and slaps her on the cheek. "Ha, you believed me for a moment there! Of course not," he snorts, "now you must head to the Forest of Destiny."

Dazel just looks broken and crestfallen as she turns away.


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