01 Jul 2020 · 175 words

A huge uproar erupts from the crowds of Saiyu as the results of the 2020 Weilamese election are revealed to the world.

"…and your new President of Weilam until 2024 is…Roy Tamino!"

"What the hell!" One citizen has his mouth hanging open. "How—how did he win!"

A few metres away, another is waving a campaign poster in the air, cheering wildly for her preferred candidate. "Woo! For Weilam! Young power!"

Standing off to the side is a supporter of a third party candidate, crying with his face in his hands.

Under the shadow of a building, a group of people chant with masks. "Axit! Axit! Axit!"

The candidate of the other party is shaking hands with the president-elect, a forced smile on his face. "Congratulations, Roy! This result was unexpected to me too, don't worry!"

Roy Tamino himself is staring at the votes on the screen, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. "But—I never wanted this," he whispers. "I'm just nine years old; this was just a joke…Do I have to deal with Farele and Enigma?"


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