29 Jun 2020 · 219 words

Laveli Guild Headquarters
Laveli Town, Eos

Emp. Hina Asvyn
Empress Regnant
Asvish Empire
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn

Upon reviewing your first set of proposals regarding Asvyn's withdrawal from the Enigma Alliance ("the Alliance"), Eos would like to raise some concerns in sections 1 (one) and 3 (three).

  • To protect the sovereignty of Eos, Eos cannot permit "all regions of neighbouring Enigma territories within 10 (ten) kilometres of Asvyn" to be ceded to the Asvish Empire. Eos is open to further discussion to clearly define borders.
  • Additionally, the proposed addition of unified free trade and travel zones mentioned in section 3 (three) is not applicable to section 50 (fifty) of the Enigma Agreement, and any such agreement must be negotiated with the whole of the Enigmatic Council separately.

Unfortunately, because of the recent formation of the Moyen Channel, Eos has invoked paragraph 51 (fifty-one) in article 2 of the Enigma Agreement, and will be unable to vote on or approve any Level 1 provisions as part of the Enigmatic Council. As a result, any message sent as part of the section 50 (fifty) withdrawal proceedings will not be replied to until 29 June 2022, or when Eos revokes its passage of section 50 (fifty), whichever comes first.

Ean High Representative to the Enigmatic Council
29 June 2020


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