13 Jun 2020 · 245 words

The dark green sun shone on forests of the clearest blue as the rivers of the brightest yellow trickled down the hilly landscape. Unicorn after unicorn pranced alongside the riverbank, frolicking around. I hid in one of the bushes, not daring to take a breath as their playful behaviour brought them closer and closer to my hand.

Just a little more…

Right before I reached out to pet what would have been the most luxurious fur ever to be felt by mankind, my dreams were shattered. A sudden weight pressed upon my chest, and pain spasmed throughout my body before I opened my eyes to see my younger brother on my chest, grinning at my suffering.

“Jordan,” I groaned, slowly laying my head back down on my pillow, “now what did you have to do that for?” I reached for the edge of my blanket, trying to pull it over my head to escape the wrath of the evil sunbeams streaming through my window.

“Mom says it’s time to get up! She’s making pancakes!” The little rascal jumped up and down before bounding off my bed and out of my bedroom.

I said sleepily, still not fully awake, “Pancakes…? What are pancakes?”

Then my brain finally finished booting up. My eyes widened, and I flung my blankets away to finish my morning routine as fast as possible as my nose registered a wonderful aroma floating from the kitchen downstairs. “Pancakes! Wait! Save some for me!”


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