22 Jun 2020 · 151 words

Imperial Palace
1 Kansei Road
Emina, Asvyn

Mr. Brendan May
Enigma Alliance
3 Indigo Boulevard
Saiyu, Weilam

This is to inform the Chairman, in accordance with the Enigma Agreement, adopted at Saiyu on 12 December 1915 ("the Agreement"), that the Asvish Empire intends to exercise its right to withdraw from the Enigma Alliance. Unless the Asvish Empire identifies suitable terms for re-engagement, the Asvish Empire will submit to the Chairman, as per Article 50, paragraph 2 of the Agreement, formal written notification of its withdrawal as soon as it is eligible to do so. Pending the submission of that notification, in the interest of transparency for parties to the Agreement, the Asvish Empire requests that the Chairman inform the parties to the Agreement and the States entitled to become parties to the Agreement of this communication relating to the Agreement.

Hina Asvyn
Empress Regnant of Asvyn
22 June 2020


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