Run On

16 Apr 2020 · 644 words

I was running from a dark thing and it was all horrible when my eyes snapped open and I looked at my alarm clock, which said that it was ten in the morning, which meant that I was going to be late for school unless I teleported back in time, so I got up and rushed to put on my clothes and do everything, then I didn’t even eat breakfast as I rushed to school before realising I could use my magical powers that I could as soon as I turned eleven to turn back time and avoid all this mess, so that’s what I did, but only after I actually ate breakfast and took my time, then I looked deep into myself and used my powers from friendship and determination to go back three hours (my friends were the bestest ever after I saved their lives using my magical powers), and I walked calmly to school, trying not to blush at my boyfriend (who is actually the hottest werewolf ever) when he suddenly popped out of nowhere, and I clutched his hand because I loved him so much, then he said, “oh hi babe what’s up?” then I said, “oh nothing,” then I giggled because he was so funny and then he laughed because I laughed then I laughed because he was laughing because I was giggling and everything was awesome, until suddenly a tree burst from the ground and we couldn’t get to school because suddenly there were tree monsters everywhere and I got scared but I knew that John (the werewolf) would protect me because he was a werewolf and so he transformed into a blue wolf (the rarest and most powerful kind) and after that he used his magical powers to vaporise the tree monsters with flashes of light and they all disappeared, and then I hugged him because I was scared and I said, “I was scared, thank you,” to which he said, “oh it’s nothing I would always protect you, my love,” and then I giggled again because he was being so cute, so I stared into his brilliant blue eyes which I only just realised matched the colour of his wolf form and admired all his really big muscles which would save me from any tree monster, but then suddenly he tensed and I realised that he was tense so I ran behind him again and peeked out from behind his shoulder and saw that something terrible appeared (even worse than tree monsters!), it was a ghost, and that was the first time I saw my boyfriend scared, which I could feel using my psychic powers so I told him telepathically that it was going to be ok and I could handle it using my dark powers which were super effective against psychics, and I focused really hard but nothing happened, so I thought of the strong bond that I had with all my friends and begged them for their help because there was this ghost and it could destroy the world, then they sent all their power and my eyes glowed as I tapped into a part of my power that i had never seen before, but it was now unlocked because of my friends’ determination and courage that flowed through my veins, as a white light burst from my hands that I held outstretched in front of me when I realised that this was the dark thing I was running from in my dream this morning, which I would finally kill because of the power of my friends that I had to see at school today, and I shouted as I killed the ghost, “omae wa mo shindeiru,” and it exploded and so we celebrated with my friends and they were all super impressed as I told the story and smiled at my hot boyfriend.


Ⓒ 2022 Daniel Chen

Licensed under the AGPL-3.0 on GitHub and Gitea