A Snowball Grows

29 Jan 2021 · 224 words

White falls from the sky
onto a mountain
and so a snowball grows.

White falls from the sky
on the village beside
but the snow is shoveled aside.
People laugh and they play,
pushing problems away
as the snowball grows.

The white comes down heavier
and the villagers cheer
but the mayor sees the danger.
He travels around
telling the town
as the snowball grows.

"It's just a snowball," one person says
as they stare at their screen.
"We'll take care of it later," another suggests,
the paperwork beside them untouched.
"It's not going to hit us," asserts a third
as they walk into their door.
"That's a fake snowball," somebody claims
as they wear their red cap.
"That's too much work," the last person scoffs
in his house barren of items.

And so the snowball grows.

One day the sun rises
but the snowball
blocks its light
and its shadow
looms over
the village.

Panic erupts —
the villagers scramble
up to the mountain
to hack away at the snowball.

The white comes down faster —
the villagers pray
but the snowball
continues to grow.

Finally —
the snowball is freed.

One house is crushed.
A sigh of relief,
and everyone return
to help rebuild the house.

The next year:
white falls from the sky
onto a mountain
and so a snowball grows.


Ⓒ 2022 Daniel Chen

Licensed under the AGPL-3.0 on GitHub and Gitea